Twice, Living Successfully won the Communicator Award's highest,
international honor.  
The Communicator Awards | 2000 Audio Competition | Crystal Award of Excellence Winners included…
American Comedy Network, Milford, CT
Associated Press Broadcast, Washington, DC
Evans, Hardy & Young, Inc., Santa Barbara, CA for Chi-Chi's
Living Successfully, Inc., Richmond, VA on Wisdom Radio Network
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, Washington, DC for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
South Carolina Educational Radio/SC ETV, Columbia, SC
National Public Radio (2)
University of Richmond/WCVE, Richmond, VA
This award-winning show was recorded in Va. Beach with guest, Ed Carlson, the Waver.
A second award honored our live-audience show at the Adawehi Institute in Columbus, N.C. (near Asheville) with psychic, Jackie Woods.  The topic was relationships and her book, "Soul Mate or Cell Mate?"
Living Successfully aired on the Healthy Life Network and was honored by the Host Achievement Award.
Our previous web site for the radio show was honored with a Gloria Award from Spirit Search. 
Top 1% Reviewer.  Traveling to produce shows from Orlando to Toronto, and Santa Fe to Melbourne, my reviews have been fun to write.  And, when sharing those experiences (84,401 readers so far) is useful, all the better.